Alan Pardew faces competition from Newcastle United in the summer transfer market

As the summer transfer window approaches nearer and nearer, managers from different clubs are preparing their respective squads by signing new players into the teams and Alan Pardew does not want to fall behind in this race of securing the services of the best performers that are available on the transfer market at the best price.

However, one of the main problems that Alan Pardew and Crystal Palace will be facing in this summer transfer window is Newcastle United as the Premier League club is also interested in signing the same players as the ones that Pardew wants to snatch.

Some of the summer targets of Alan Pardew are: Loic Remy, YohanCabaye and Demba Ba.

YohanCabaye is currently performing for the French side Paris Saint-Germain but Cabaye has never truly managed to make an impact in the club and he is being rumored on making a return to Newcastle United which was the former club where he played in before joining PSG on January of 2014.

Pardew is determined to sign YohanCabaye before he makes a return to Newcastle United and the English manager is optimistic that his club will be able to compete against the likes of: Everton, Aston Villa and Newcastle United in terms of attracting top players.

Pardew told the media: “We want to compete with teams like Newcastle, Aston Villa, Everton and maybe even Spurs in the transfer market this summer. While we cannot compete with some of those clubs in terms of budgets, we can look to attract the kind of players they are also in the market for. If we could add that kind of quality of player to this current group, then we have a chance to push on.”

It still remains unsure if YohanCabaye is interested in joining Crystal Palace but the French player is indeed interested in making a move away from Paris Saint-German after not managing to stand out.