Sam Allardyce First Time Demotion

It has never happened that a team coached by Sam Allardyce has suffered demotion from the top tier to the second tier, but, as they say there is a first time to everything and this may prove to be big Sam’s first taste of demotion as his team is inching towards that.

And Allardyce has been pretty miffed with the Crystal boys recently as he reckons that they are not listening to him properly and are not putting his plans to execution in the manner he wants them to.

As per Allardyce, he has been in the game for much longer time than any of his boys has been. So, he has got to have the better idea of the formations and the strategies and it’s actually his forte too. That’s why he is at the club for, to decide how the team should play. (more…)


Crystal Palace new manager Sam Allardyce has been left to reevaluate the chances of his team staying in the premier league after the team’s lackluster performance saw them defeated in their Tuesday night’s encounter at home to Swansea.

The defeat saw Allardyce blaming fatigue as the reason behinds the club second successive defeat.

The result now means Allardyce team has been only able to earn one point from his first three matches in charge after succeeding former manager Alan Pardew. The defeat against Swansea now means the club is only one point above the bottom three.

The match against Swansea saw Sam’s boys play as unconvincing as they did in their 2-0 defeat at Arsenal and the Big Boss admits that he made an error by not making two changes after that defeat. (more…)