The number that will definitely be on the dialling list of Alan Pardew shortly is that of Roberto Martinez

The reason is that Pardew’s trump card Christian Benteke will spend the coming week under the guidance of Martinez who is his national manager.

So what Pardew is looking for from Martinez is to try and give his forward some time on the pitch or to push him as hard as he can in the trainings so that he comes back to the Premiership in a totally charged state.

After succeeding to finally put a point on the board a fortnight into the season, Pardew was quoted saying, “Christian is the main man upfront and if he gets a touch sharper, you can for sure rely on him for producing a few goals.”

“I don’t know how he fits in the line- up of Belgium and whether he will be a starter. Obviously, nothing better than the match time itself, but, if it is not possible, I would like him to be made to do a lot training wise. I have Roberto’s number in my phone, no worries. I am going to connect the line at some point to have a talk with him about it.”

On asked about taking the stick from the spectators at the mid game break for not picking their favourite player Zaha and then contrarily receiving applause from them later on when the post break period saw the game getting equalized, Pardew said, “Let it be. I think some of them were the young supporters and might not have watched me as a player. This is a team I live and breathe and I am hurt as much as anyone else when it does not go right.”