The Prime Minister of Croatia is urging UEFA to keep Croatia in the 2016 Euro’s

Croatia is currently located at the top of Group H of the 2016 Euro’s as they have secured a total of 14 points from 6 matches. Italy is following them closely behind in 2nd place with 12 points and Norway is positioned in the 3rd position with 10 points.

Group H is tightly contested between those 3 nations but things in this group might suffer a dramatic change as Croatia is in danger of getting some of their points removed or might even be kicked off from the tournament due to an incident which occurred back in June 12 when Croatia hosted Italy in the Polijud Stadium in a match that concluded with a final scoreboard of 1-1.

During this match, there was a swastika symbol which was seen in the grass of the Poljud Stadium and this has initiated a chain of consequences which is still being investigated by UEFA but it could end with Croatia being dismissed from the football tournament depending on the results that emerge from the investigations of the football governing authority UEFA.

The swastika symbol which was adopted by the Nazy Party back in World War I and World II was seen burned and engrained in the grass of the stadium and even with the attempts from the stadium staff of removing it which were done, it could never really be erased.

The Prime Minister of Croatia is hoping that Croatia will not suffer major consequences from this issue as ZoranMilanovic issued a letter which read: “I send you this letter concerned for the fate of Croatian national team. Still unknown perpetrators are clearly and firmly condemned from all sides of the political spectrum and from all state institutions’’

“Their act was met with disdain large majority of Croatian citizens. An extensive criminal investigation, which we hope will bring a result, is on-going and the perpetrators will be found very soon. I appeal to you, Mr. President, do not let Euro 2016 be held without the participation of the best national teams. The game must be played on the football field.”